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A Word from Steve Abernathy

                                            By Steve Abernathy, COO, WFCA

        Dear CFI Members and Industry Colleagues,
        Welcome to the special TISE edition of CFI’s Flooring Specialist magazine. We are

        looking forward to seeing each of you at our CFI booth and the 2024 National
        Finals of the TISE installation competition. I’m looking forward to seeing these highly
        skill flooring professionals demonstrate their skills as they compete for the title of
        National Champion. Please be sure to stop by and say hello to the entire CFI team,
        root for your favorite competitor, and learn about the many exciting things ahead for
        our membership.

        Two-thousand-twenty-four has started on a strong note. As we go to press, CFI has
        just completed technical training for a MAJOR nationwide retailer. At this single
        three-day event, we trained over 200 individuals in flooring installation basics
        including subfloor preparation, moisture assessment, and much more across every
        flooring category. At the end of the week, nearly 70 individuals took part in our
        Technical Certificate test and all students received their technical certification in at

        least one flooring category. What a fantastic week we had.
        As we move through the coming months, we will be executing on very aggressive

        education plans and expect to see another year of double-digit membership growth.
        You can play a part in these efforts. We are always in need of volunteers to spread
        the word, help recruit, host events, teach classes, serve on committees and many
        other tasks. If you would like to volunteer your time or resources to CFI, please
        reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.

        I mentioned in my last letter, CFI is restarting our “Chapters” program in 2024. If you
        would like to start or join a local CFI chapter, please stop in at our booth and let us

        I look forward to seeing you at The International Surface Event (TISE).

        - Steve Abernathy

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