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Marketing for the

                               Flooring Contractor

                              By Daniel Gonzalez, Partner, Preferred Flooring MI LLC

                hen we talk about flooring contractors we’re not   Establish a Strong Online Presence
                talking about the retail world. Flooring contractors   Having a strong online presence is critical for any business
        Ware focused on the commercial or B2B segment       in today’s digital age, including flooring contractors. Create
        of the industry. While many people assume the industry   a website that showcases your services, expertise and
        segments are similar and will market to retail and commercial   experience. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, and
        the same way, it’s actually two different worlds.   optimize it for search engines to improve your chances of
                                                            being found online. You can also list your business on Google
        Let’s look at the differences between retail and contractor   My Business and other online directories to boost your
        marketing:                                          online visibility.
         1. Target Audience:
           •  The Retail side’s primary target is homeowners and   Leverage Social Media
             individual clients, providing flooring solutions for   Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
             homes.                                         (X), LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube are excellent marketing
           •  On the Commercial side the target is clients such as   tools for flooring contractors. Use these platforms to
             businesses, office spaces, retail stores, educational   showcase your work, share your expertise and engage with
             institutions, healthcare facilities, etc. The emphasis is   potential customers. Post before-and-after pictures of your
             on providing flooring solutions for commercial spaces.   installations, offer tips and advice, and interact with followers
                                                            to build a community around your business.
         2. Messaging and Brand Positioning:
           •  Retail focuses on aesthetics, comfort, durability and   Network with Other Industry Professionals
             price. Marketing messages often highlight a wide   Networking with other industry professionals, such as interior
             selection of styles, convenience of shopping and   designers, architects and builders, can be an effective way
             customer service.                              to expand your customer base. Attend trade shows, join
           •  Commercial emphasizes technical aspects like   industry associations and connect with professionals in your
             durability, safety standards and cost-effectiveness over   area to build relationships and generate referrals. Make sure
             time. The messaging often promotes professionalism,   to check out your local Chamber of Commerce and Builders
             speed of installation and long-term value.     Exchange and show your face at as many events as you can.
         3. Marketing Channels:                             A familiar face becomes someone you can trust.
           •  Retail typically utilizes consumer-oriented channels   I’ve written about it before and I say it all the time on The
             such as local advertising (TV, radio, print), home   Huddle Podcast (
             improvement blogs and retail websites. Online reviews   One of the biggest takeaways from when we joined the
             and word of mouth referrals are also crucial.  Grand Rapids Chamber was an initial meeting where we
           •  Commercial relies more on B2B marketing strategies.   were told, “Do you know the saying ‘It’s not what you know,
             This includes networking at trade shows, industry-  it’s who you know’? That’s old school; it’s not who you know
             specific publications, and direct outreach to facility   anymore—it’s who knows you.” What can you do to show
             managers and business owners.                  up and make sure all these people know you? Become a
                                                            familiar face, a friend, an ally. As a flooring contractor you
           •  Social media plays a huge part on both sides of the   are constantly entering partnerships. Market the value your
             industry. While there are various social media channels   clients will get when they enter into these agreements with
             to market on, you’ll have to realize the demographics   you.
             will be different on each platform and you will need to
             market toward that specific audience.          Find new ways to market yourself and your business.

        Now that we’ve talked about the differences between the
        segments of the industry, we can focus on the contractor (or
        commercial) side of things.
                                                            About the Author: Daniel Gonzalez is a partner of family-owned
                                                            and operated Preferred Flooring MI LLC in the greater Grand
                                                            Rapids area.

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